FLOC Supporters Urge Free & Fair Election (4/5/22)

April 5, 2022. FLOC supporters begin sending letters urging a free and fair union election.

To FLOC Board and It’s Our Future Leadership:

I sign this statement to express my interest in the upcoming FLOC convention and election of FLOC Board and officers. I am aware that there will likely be a contested election and two slates on the ballot. I am following the progress of the convention and election and am interested that, first and foremost, the voices of worker-members of FLOC are represented.

I am hopeful that elections will be conducted in a free and fair manner and absent any actions that could interfere with or unduly influence full and legitimate worker-member representation in the election. I understand that a free and fair election requires not only that FLOC constitutional rules and any applicable labor laws are followed, but complete transparency. In a free and fair election there should be no coercion, intimidation or retaliation against union members or FLOC staff for their participation in the election process.

As a loyal supporter of FLOC, I hope that as the leadership of FLOC you will ensure that the upcoming constitutional convention and elections are fully fair and free and that no union-members or staff are retaliated against for their legitimate participation. I support the presence of mediators or election observers to make this a successful election.

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